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First Weekend of "Perchance to Dream" shoot complete!

Weekend #1 of our short film “Perchance to Dream” has wrapped. Our dear friends and frequent collaborators Shannon Lucio and Charlie Hofheimer supplied the location, allowing us to shoot throughout their home all weekend long, staying quiet and out of the way. We could not have asked for better and more gracious hosts. Thanks Lucy and Chuck!!

In the past 11 years of productions, I have never had a more enjoyable, smooth or stress-free shoot. The crew was absolutely top notch! Our DP (and Co-Producer) Sergio Crego and his team of Oliver Lewis and James Wilson were as efficient, precise and amiable as any camera crew I have worked with. Sergio and I have worked together multiple times over this past 8 years and what he has brought to this project with his creativity, ideas and execution is unquantifiable. He is a legend! This is also the first Gantry Production without our longtime Sound Recordist Tim Hoagland. Stepping in is Matt Stauter, who balances his professionalism with much needed comedic levity. He is a treasure of a human being and we love him.

On the other side of the camera would be our three brilliant actresses. I set out to work with actresses I have never worked with before and I seriously hit the jackpot! Lauren Elyse Buckley, who plays the ‘young’ Isabel and Jamie Donnelly, playing the ‘older’ Isabel, toiled through all the emotional hardships of our main character with grace, depth and courage. Ioanna Meli, who plays Isabel’s caretaker Meredith, brought a subtle and nuanced complexity that gives the story the roundness it needs. I also had a blast playing John, Isabel’s dearly departed husband. Working with Lauren in our flashbacks was an absolute gift. She is as present and truthful as anyone I’ve shared the screen with.

This upcoming weekend will bring about the final day of production. More updates to come.

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