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Director/Writer:  Alex Knudsen

Cast:  Shannon Lucio, Gregory Itzin, Alex Knudsen and Charlie Hofheimer

Cinematographer:  Saxon Moen

Genre:  Phychological Drama

Year:  2008


The haunting story of a young man, Tanner (Alex Knudsen) just released from a mental institution sixteen years after accidentally killing his mother. He attempts to adapt to a “normal” life with the help of his sister Sara (Shannon Lucio - "Marvel: Agents of Shield", "True Blood", "The OC"), his childhood friend Mike (Charlie Hofheimer - "Mad Men", "Black Hawk Down") and his new therapist Dr. Brian (Gregory Itzin - Emmy Nominated for his role of President Charles Logan on "24", "Lincoln", "The Ides of March"). In 2008, "Autopilot" received ‘Best Feature’ Film Nominations from the Swansea Bay Film Festival and at International Film Festival - UK. It is slated for a video re-release in 2014.

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Directors/Cinematographers:  Alex Knudsen, Matt Knudsen and David Valdez

Writers:  Alex Knudsen, Matt Knudsen and Rick Schultz

Genre:  Horror

Year:  2009


After two deep, psychological dramas, Director Alex Knudsen decided to move on to something completely contrary, a short, silent horror film. Knudsen took the production on location to the frigid cold winter of Minnesota to get the desired atmosphere and effect. The production was blessed with a solid foot of snow and cold enough weather to keep it on the ground. So cold in fact, that on the last day of shooting, the wind chill was -40.


The whole production consisted of three people. Alex, his brother Matt and mutual friend David Valdez. Brothers Knudsen comprised the only two actors in the film, and all three men took on camera and lighting duties. The brothers are both avid horror movie fans and took this as an opportunity to showcase their love for the genre with this micro-budget experimental film.


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Director/Writer:  Alex Knudsen

Cast:  Forrest Brandt, Alex Knudsen, Angelika Ulku and Erin McCormick

Cinematographer:  Matt Knudsen and Alex Knudsen

Genre:  Psychological Mystery

Year:  2011


“Land of Nod” tells the complex story of Terrence and Steve, brothers from different ends of life. Terrence (played by Gantry newcomer Forrest Brandt) is the younger of the brothers, married with a young daughter and a steady and mind-numbing job as an accountant. Frustrations at home begin to unravel as Terrence comes to terms with situations he'd rather not address. His older brother Steve (Alex Knudsen) is a mildly successful actor who travels back and forth from Los Angeles and their midwest home. Over the winter holidays, Steve goes missing and finds himself the victim of an unlikely perpetrator holding him hostage for reasons unknown. Shifting timelines slowly unveil possible clues as to what brought him to this place. 


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Director/Writer:  Alex Knudsen

Cast:  Gary Poux and Alex Knudsen

Cinematographer:  Saxon Moen

Genre:  Psychological Drama​

Year 2006


'End of the Road' tells the deep psychological story of two men who embark on an impromptu journey into the wilderness which reveals hidden cracks in their friendship. On their way to meet their girlfriends for dinner, Allen (Alex Knudsen) decides to make an unplanned stop at a desolate beach. He convinces his extremely reluctant friend Terry (Gary Poux) to spend the night in the nearby woods, where they embark on a journey uncovering perceived truths that lead to madness.


Writer/Director Alex Knudsen and Cinematographer Saxon Moen made the early decision to shoot "End of the Road" following the DOGME 95 guidelines set forth by the Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. The movement in essence is stripping away "over-production" (as Knudsen calls it) and producing/shooting the film as bare bones as possible; hand-held camera work, no lights and on location.


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Director/Writer:  Alex Knudsen

Cast:  Charlie Hofheimer, Christian Levatino, Tony Aguilar, Matt Mann and Alex Knudsen

Cinematographer:  Saxon Moen

Genre:   Science Fiction

Year:   2008 (Trailer & Test Scenes), (TBD - Feature)


Large in scope, deep in meaning, "Principles of the Past" is Writer/Director Alex Knudsen's pet project. After the script was finished in 2008, Knudsen produced two test scenes from the story, along with enough footage to put together a trailer in hopes of obtaining the necessary resources to make a film of such a large scale. While more modest projects have been and are currently in production, "Principles of the Past" still remains of vital importance to Knudsen and Gantry Productions. 


“Principles of the Past” is a dark, science fiction story based upon circumstances, not advancements in technology. The script is unconventional and grim, and eerily timely (yet unforeseen) considering the economic climate that we are living in. If things were to continue on the downhill trend that they are on, we could be living in the world of “Principles of the Past” - Alex Knudsen


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Director/Writer:  Alex Knudsen

Cast:  Shannon Lucio & Christian Levatino

Cinematographer:  Eli Jarra 

Genre:  Gothic Horror

Year:  2016


Once upon a time a beast was transformed at the sight of beauty. His cravings to possess her remain unfulfilled until she returns to settle the debts of her father. But beauty is a fragile thing with a heart eager to love and no knowledge to protect it. She tumbles into a world of desires, madness and ruin unaware that she is the payment for her father's past.

Shannon Lucio ("American Horror Story", "Roots", "True Blood") and Acclaimed Stage Actor Christian Levatino star in this Kickstarter funded short film which has already been chosen as Official Selections into the Chicago Horror Film Festival and the North Dakota Film Festival. 

The film will be available on Amazon in early 2017.

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